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                    ...all I need is a place to sing

I continue to travel a very interesting road. One that’s taken me from the coffee houses & college campuses of the early days of folk to today’s revival of acoustic roots music. I split my time between my summer cabin in northern Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest and my winter home just south of Asheville North Carolina. Every singer song writer renders, in words and music, the life they live and mine is filled with a rich tapestry of interesting people and a deep relationship with the beauty of nature.
Kathy Watkins

Here is a true friend who adds so much to the richness of my songs. She’s a native North Carolinian and brings that NC charm to every word she sings.
Lake View


  1. Six Strings
  2. Sugar Tree
  3. Cuppa Cuppa Coffee
  4. The Same Lake
  5. Ice Out
  6. Albert & Ester
  7. Spirits In The Wind
  8. Cabin In The Woods
  9. A Friend At Both Ends
10. Fishing Hole
11. Voyageurs
12. Path In The Woods
13. Hummingbird Man
14. Blessed By The Wilderness
15. Heaven Called Sand
16. Minnesota I Love You

Silver Waterfall


  1. Smoky Mountain Time
  2. Silver Waterfall 
  3. Angel On My Shoulder 
  4. No Puppies 
  5. No Time For The Blues
  6. Don’t Know Where I’m Going 
  7. Mountains In My soul 
  8. Random Order 
  9. Promised Land 
10. Gettysburg 
11. Do What The Mountain Say 
12. Make Believe

​I have 2 CDs... email me if you're interested.

My Silver Waterfall CD features a couple National Tricone slide guitar numbers. These songs are a real departure from my traditional 6 & 12 string acoustic work, but I think you’ll like what you hear. This collection is a nod to the Adirondacks (where I lived 4 summers) and the Smokies where I live in the winter now. Mountains are a wonderful expansion of the “flat-land” natural wonders covered on my “Lake View” CD.

Listen to some of my songs on                  SOUNDCLOUD

Fishing Hole

No Puppies

Chief Busticogan

Blessed By The Wilderness

Not the BIG screen... but  I made it to the little Youtube screen
Take a listen...
Here's the song is about a love affair I have every morning with my... 
"Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Coffee"

                                                    < Click here to visit me on YouTube.

 Box of Time

 Sugar Tree

 Whiewater Slim

 No Time forthe Blues

Make Believe

 Ice Out

Funny Things

 Six Strings

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​House Concerts
I love the intimacy of an audience in someone's livingroom singing to a group of new or old friends.

Send me an Email and we'll set up a date for you and your invited guests. 

It's easy and it's fun!


The Edge Benefit Concert... 2017
other things you may not know 
about the northwoods was a
huge success. Thank you to all
who attended.

Past Events

The Edge Benefit Concerts
...every year since 2010. The 2016 concert “My Road To The Woods” ... was another 2 hours of sharing songs with friends and neighbors at the Edge of The Wildernss in Bigfork, MN.

Black Bear
Premier coffees, micro-brews and a great listening room with great acoustics and a friendly atmosphere in downtown Hendersonville

Feed & Seed of the premier live music venues in Western North Carolina.  I’ve opened for some of the fantastic bluegrass bands that play in this wonderful listening room. 

Historic Kettle Falls Inn
...located on the Canada-US border in the Voyageurs National Park. There is a delightful front porch across the front of the inn and for the second year in a row, I have been privileged  play my brand of Americana-folk music for guests and visitors. My songs of the wood and lakes are especially at home in this natural wonderland.